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More about Rams/Google accounts

Rams accounts are optional add-ons for enrolled students, regular faculty, and staff. All new students and employees have M365 accounts already and can access those at this web site.

Rams accounts now log in directly with google at using as your email, and a password you create/manage at

If you get looped back here after trying to log in at, you likely need to finish the process.

Haven't set a Rams password yet? That's fine, you may still do so at

Forget your new password? If you ever forget your Rams password, you can always return to and set another.

Coming Soon

Once the login transition is complete, we will begin adding your M365 email account, if you have one, as your recovery email for your @Rams account—this will enable another way of password self-management.

Accounts may now also sign up for Google's 2-factor authentication. This is not with DUO, but with Google's own 2FA solution.

We will also enable a one-year password expiration cycle, just like on NetIDs—in accordance with CSU policy.


An Explanation of University Email Accounts

Google Apps (@Rams) and Office 365

Each person at CSU has one Official University Email Account, either in Exchange/Office 365 or Google Apps. Your Official University Email is the address used by academic advisors, financial aid, human resources and more to communicate with you.

When you first come to CSU, you start with one account. Since August 2018, everyone gets an Exchange/Office 365 account (which resembles when they create their NetID. Before that, students started with Google Apps (which look like

Office 365 email is accessed at Google Apps/@Rams accounts are accessed directly on

But it's okay to have an email in both systems

If you have Google Apps already

You can keep it and it isn't going away.

You can also add a Office365 account if you want. Head over to and choose "Email Alias" under "My Account." Note! Doing this will change your Official University Email to be your new Office 365 mailbox ( This means your important CSU email will go to that account! But, it will not erase your Google Apps account.

If you have Office 365 but want to add Google Apps

Anyone can still create and use a new Google Apps account if they want to add it to their mix of services. Adding Google Apps will not change your Official University Email address, so keep checking your Office 365 email! Just log in at the link above and if you don't have an account, you can add one!

How do I know which email is my Official University Email account?

Visit and choose "Show My Information" under "View/Update."

When you leave CSU

No matter if you have Office365 or Google Apps or both, your student email(s) will stay active for about 12 months after you leave the university. But then it will be permanently expired.

Students who are set to graduate are given a lifetime Alumni email account ( in the weeks/months before they graduate. There is also a procedure to move your Google Apps email to this new Alumni email.

Other Information about Google Apps

Security and Privacy

Your account security and personal information is important; please review the Google Apps for CSU Privacy information page. Also see Google's privacy policy and terms of service.

CSU has its own Google domain is a Google Workspace for Education service, with all the cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google, like Gmail, calendaring, documents, cloud storage ("Drive"), chat, and even personal web sites. This powerful suite of applications is hosted by Google in an ad-free environment for students, faculty and staff.

Do you need to email someone at CSU?

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More contacts: Contact Information at CSU